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Pond Life!

Pond Life on PhotoPeach

On Tuesday we were lucky to be visited by a fascinating zoologist, who brought along his very own pond!

We all had a go at pond dipping. We were very excited to find tadpoles, caterpillars, pond snails and sticklebacks amongst many other creatures. We also had the opportunity to hold a very calm toad!

The day really brought our topic work to life.

We would like to thank Mrs Barker for organising the visit.

Butterfly life cycles

image image image

As part of our Year 1 topic- ‘The Great Outdoors’, we have made butterfly life cycle plates.

Do you know about a butterfly’s life cycle? 1F would like to tell you all about it…

Firstly, they begin life as an egg on a leaf.

Soon they will hatch into a caterpillar.

Later on, they build a house called a cocoon.

Before they hatch from the cocoon, they have become a beautiful butterfly.

A life cycle never stops. The butterflies lay more eggs which will in time become butterflies as well.

We have been reading Eric Carle’s classic book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We were able to answer questions about the story to show our understanding.

We have our own butterfly habitat in the classroom and we are hoping to see the butterfly’s life cycle first hand very soon!


Cool science!

We were so excited to have a visit from a real scientist today! He spoke to us about forces, and we took part in lots of mini investigations to find out more about pushes and pulls.

We even learnt some simple experiments that we can try at home.

Here we are enjoying our science workshop!

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Broad beans

1S Broad Beans on PhotoPeach


This week in Science we have planted some broad bean seeds in glass jars. We will be observing the seeds over the next few weeks and keeping a record of their progress in our ‘Bean Diaries’. We have used blue paper instead of soil and we are making sure that the seeds get lots of sunlight and water. So far, Marcus’ jar contains the biggest shoots, but we’re hoping they will all have grown a little when we come back to school after the long weekend!