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We love to read!

In Year 1, we read every day. We love to listen to new fiction and we especially enjoy picture books with colourful illustrations and stories which we can all join in with. Here we are in the library exploring some new fiction.

When we have read a story, we often discuss our own opinions about the book. Sometimes we give the books a star rating, or talk about who we think would enjoy the book. Some of our current favourite picture books have been written by very popular authors such as Oliver Jeffers and Julia Donaldson. However, we also enjoy reading books by authors we haven’t discovered before.

Do you have a favourite picture book author? Are there any picture books that you particularly love? Mrs Farman’s all time favourite is Angelo, by David Macaulay. Our current favourite class read is Extra Yarn, by Mac Barnett.


We are readers

In our weekly ‘Lovell Land’ sessions, boys are able to come into the Library with their friends from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We read our favourite books to one another, draw illustrations for books and learn more about our favourite authors. After we have read a book, we love to give it a star rating out of 5 and to recommend it to others. Here we are with just a small selection of the books we have read this term.

We love coming to the library. It is a time for us to choose whatever book we would like to explore and not have to worry about whether the words are ‘easy’ or ‘hard’. Sometimes we pick books just because we like the illustrations, or the look of the cover, so much!