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Library trip

This week the Year 1 boys visited Nottingham Central Library.

The trip was fantastic! Marion, the children’s librarian, had set up a wonderful Peter Pan treasure hunt. The boys searched high and low across four floors for books which were to do with our topic. It was great fun!

We also had chance to listen to some pirate stories and to chose a book to look at in the library’s lovely children’s area. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures from the day.

Library Trip on PhotoPeach

Peter Pan collages

This week we have been working hard on our Peter Pan topic work. We have been learning about Neverland and making our own posters to tell you how wonderful it is.

We have also been perfecting our collage skills by making Peter Pan scenes in the art room. Here is one of the finished pieces –



 To make the collages, we followed the instructions below:

1) Cover white card using ripped up paper and PVA glue. Try to not leave any spaces in between your pieces of paper.


2) Make a skyline using shiny card. (Mrs Robinson helped us a little with this!)


3) Stick a shiny circle on for the moon.


4) Position your Peter Pan cut out so that he looks as though he’s flying high above London!


Why not have a go at drawing your own Peter Pan? Ours are on display in our classroom.

Settling in to Year 1

It has been a very busy week, with the boys having their first swimming lesson of Year 1 and beginning our topic, ‘Peter Pan’.

All of the boys have begun to settle into Year 1 and are starting to take responsibility for themselves and their school routines. The boys are encouraged to be independent thinkers, and we are beginning to see this in the classroom as the boys take more rsponsibility for ther behaviour and property.

Here we are working hard in our new classroom, preparing self-portraits for our whole school display to mark the School’s 500th anniversary!