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Monster mix up!

This week in Year 1 we have been working hard to create some monster flip books of our own. We were inspired by ‘Ketchup on your Cornflakes?’ by Nick Sharratt, a brilliant mix and match flip book.

As our topic is ‘Monsters & Wild Things’ we decided to put our own monster twist on the idea.

Firstly, we had to design monster faces with funny things on their heads, such as cowboy hats, chef hats and spaghetti hair! The next step was to add writing to our work. Lastly, we spiral bound our books with a very clever machine which Mrs Marson taught us how to use!

Now the books are finished, we can flip around the faces and the heads of the monsters to create some very funny creatures indeed. We are really proud of our work and we hope you will enjoy looking at them.

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Monster picture books

We have found a whole load of picture books to enjoy during our ‘Monsters & Wild Things’ topic.

Yesterday, we read There’s a Yeti in my shed by Daniel Postgate. Afterwards, we had a Drama lesson in the hall where we imagined what it would be like to find a friendly monster hiding somewhere in our house. We had lots of ideas which we then able to use in our story writing. Here are some examples of our work-

‘When I got into my bed I had a fright. A hairy Yeti!’ Ben

‘I saw a monster! I was shocked. He was hairy and scary. It was like a giant!’ Yusuf

‘I found a Yeti in my washing machine!’ Cholan

We have also been enjoying Love Monster by award winning author and illustrator Rachel Bright. You can find out more about this book, as well as lots of other picture books, on the Booktrust website.http://www.booktrust.org.uk/books-and-reading/books/31994

We might even have a go at drawing our own Love monsters!

Some of the books we have been enjoying in Year 1

Revolting monster soup!

This week we have been working hard in our Literacy lessons to think of our own ingredients for a disgusting monster soup recipe!

We were inspired by reading the picture book ‘There’s a monster who eats books in our house’ by Sally Grindley. The book made us ask the question:
‘What do monsters eat?!’

We have come up with a whole host of revolting ingredients, like rat’s tails and eyeballs! We then showed how fantastic we are at using describing words by thinking of adjectives to add to the name of our ingredients. Here are some examples-

Gooey slugs
Stinky socks
Cheesy feet

Then, we worked with a partner during our Drama lesson to act out preparing our ingredients, cooking our soup and, finally, tasting it…

Just look at our faces!