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Celebrating Easter


This week we have been making Easter cards and Easter bunnies. To make our fabulous Easter cards, we followed the steps below-

1. Draw a hill with flowers on

2. Add the cut-out shape of a bunny to your hill

3. Add a tail to your bunny

Inside the cards we wrote special messages to our families to wish them a Happy Easter!

We have also used polystyrene eggs to make Easter Bunnies. We had to paint the eggs pale blue, pink or purple and add eyes, ears and a fluffy tail. When our rabbit was ready, we made a nest for him using a cake case.

We are looking forward to performing our Easter poem next week.

Mother’s Day

‘It is important to thank our mums, because they work very hard to do things for us’ – Orlando

This week we have been making Mother’s Day cards to thank our mums for all that they do for us. We made cards and handprints which we put into a special bag. We had to think very hard about using our best handwriting.

In 1S we think it is very important to say thank you to our family and all the other people who look after us.

‘Thank you for taking me to cricket’- Jagpal

‘Thank you for making my dinner’- Rayan

‘Thank you for giving me fun and exciting weekends’- Thomas

‘Thank you for filling my hot water bottle when it is cold’- Harvey

Lots of people use Mother’s Day to say thank you to other people who look after them, like their sisters and Grandmas.

We hope our mums will like their cards!