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A-Z of London

For our London 2012 topic, we are each making an A-Z of London which includes information about the important landmarks you would see in London and famous people who live there. We have been learning about lots of different things, such as the London Aquarium, Big Ben and Cleopatra’s Needle. This week we have been researching The Evening Standard- did you know it has been a London newspaper since 1827 and that it is given out for free?

Here are some other facts from our ‘E’ pages-

There are 32 pods on the London Eye– Noah
The London Eye is three times bigger than Tower Bridge– Luca
Euston is a main line station in London– Orlando

We have also made graffiti style front covers for our work this week using masking tape and bright paint.

Paddington’s picnic!

This afternoon the boys in Year 1 have enjoyed a fabulous picnic in the sunshine with their Teddy bears. We planned the picnic to celebrate our Paddington topic work and to raise money for Action Medical Research, a children’s charity supported by Paddington which is 60 years old this year. You can find out more about Action Medical Research here-http://www.action.org.uk/

The boys really enjoyed spending the day looking after their bears and they had the chance to give the bears a tour of Lovell House! Each boy made a marmalade sandwich which we then enjoyed eating outside with our bears.


London 2012!

We have started our new topic ‘London 2012’.  When we came back to school on Wednesday, the school had been transformed ready for the start of our topic and all the teachers were dressed in London themed costumes! Mrs Cox was a very keen London tourist, Miss Smith wore the Olympic football kit and Mrs Baker was an underground tube station, Baker Street!

Somebody was even dressed as the Queen- can you tell who is behind the mask?

We have begun our London work in 1S by learning a little about the Queen’s favourite animals, her Corgis. The Queen has three Corgis – Monty, Holly, Willow. She also has three Dorgis (cross-breed of Dachshund and Corgi) Cider, Candy, Vulcan. We had a go at drawing our own Corgis and giving them a Royal name, before displaying them in the classroom. We hope you like our artwork!