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Library trip

This week the Year 1 boys visited Nottingham Central Library.

The trip was fantastic! Marion, the children’s librarian, had set up a wonderful Peter Pan treasure hunt. The boys searched high and low across four floors for books which were to do with our topic. It was great fun!

We also had chance to listen to some pirate stories and to chose a book to look at in the library’s lovely children’s area. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures from the day.

Library Trip on PhotoPeach

We are readers

In our weekly ‘Lovell Land’ sessions, boys are able to come into the Library with their friends from Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. We read our favourite books to one another, draw illustrations for books and learn more about our favourite authors. After we have read a book, we love to give it a star rating out of 5 and to recommend it to others. Here we are with just a small selection of the books we have read this term.

We love coming to the library. It is a time for us to choose whatever book we would like to explore and not have to worry about whether the words are ‘easy’ or ‘hard’. Sometimes we pick books just because we like the illustrations, or the look of the cover, so much!