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This week, we released our butterflies into the wild! We would like to say a huge thank you to Hukam’s family for looking after them in their cocoons over the half term break. We were very lucky when we released them, as they seemed to want to stick around! Each of us managed to hold a butterfly before they flew off.

Butterfly, flying free,

What a lovely sight to see!

Flying through the warm spring air

A flash of colour, here and there.

When you were hiding in your tiny cocoon

Did you know you would grow wings, so soon?



We’ve been busy!

image image imageWow! What a busy week it’s been here in Year 1.

Here is just a selection of the things we have done this week-

  • We have created colourful collage snails inspired by Matisse. They are on display in our classroom. Please come and have a look!


  • Our caterpillars have become cocoons. Soon, they will be butterflies.


  • In Literacy, we have completed some independent writing. All of the boys have worked hard to include things like capital letters, full stops and adjectives in their work.


  • With Mrs Cash, we have been measuring objects in our classroom. Some of us are getting very good at measuring in centimetres.


  • On Thursday we really enjoyed a fun session in the swimming pool. We loved playing water polo. Thank you to any visitors who came along!


Butterfly life cycles

image image image

As part of our Year 1 topic- ‘The Great Outdoors’, we have made butterfly life cycle plates.

Do you know about a butterfly’s life cycle? 1F would like to tell you all about it…

Firstly, they begin life as an egg on a leaf.

Soon they will hatch into a caterpillar.

Later on, they build a house called a cocoon.

Before they hatch from the cocoon, they have become a beautiful butterfly.

A life cycle never stops. The butterflies lay more eggs which will in time become butterflies as well.

We have been reading Eric Carle’s classic book The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We were able to answer questions about the story to show our understanding.

We have our own butterfly habitat in the classroom and we are hoping to see the butterfly’s life cycle first hand very soon!