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Hedgehog cakes

Hedgehog Cakes! on PhotoPeach

We have had a busy week learning about the wildlife that surrounds us here in Nottingham. We have been using information books to find out facts about squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs and foxes.

Did you know that an adult hedgehog has around 700 prickles?!

Did you know that a baby fox is called a cub?

Have you ever seen a badger in the wild?

Here we are making our very own ‘hedgehog cakes’ using cornflakes, chocolate and golden syrup. Yum!

Welcome to Year 1!

We have enjoyed a fabulous first full week in Year 1!

The boys have been telling one another about their summer holidays and learning through play, as well as getting used to their new places in the classroom.

The boys have each presented a show and tell item to their class and their friends have asked them thoughtful questions. All of the boys are developing their confidence when speaking in front of the class.

We are looking forward to the busy term ahead; Autumn is always a special time, and this year we will be learning about woodland creatures which we might find around Nottingham, thinking about the homes we live in and looking forward to our Year 1 trip.

Here are all of the Year 1 boys!


Wise Owls in 1S


Here is our artwork, which has gone up on the wall in our classroom this week. As it is nearly time for our Harvest festival, we have been thinking about Autumn wildlife and the creatures which will be out and about now that the nights are drawing in.
We each made a wise owl using wallpaper, coloured card and paint to create the night sky.

We think they look fantastic!