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Lights, Camel, Action!

The highlights of this week have been our performances of Lights, Camel, Action! Year 1 played a starring role as dancers and also shared in the important job of stage direction. Here are 1A all dressed up and ready to perform. They were amazing!


1A’s Adventures in Bestwood Park

Year 1 spent a fantastic day at Bestwood Park this week helping The Jolly Postman deliver his letters to the right places. In the morning we learnt how to orientate maps and find our way to different places in the Park. In the afternoon we enjoyed a lovely Christmas crafts session using sticks, leaves and seeds from the Park and plenty of glitter!


The UK’s Tallest Man

We have been finding out about the UK’s tallest man whose name is Neil Fingleton. He isn’t the giant from the Jack and the Beanstalk story but he’s certainly very, very, very tall; 232 centimetres to be exact! We  worked together to draw a life size picture of him and compared ourselves to him. His body works in just the same way as ours does but is much bigger. We wrote questions we’d like to ask him and thought about whether we would like to be as tall as him; most of us decided we wouldn’t!






Remembrance Day

We have been learning about the importance of Remembrance Day and have been talking about the poppies we see people wearing at this time of year. In our PSHE lesson we all made a remembrance wreath. They were tricky to complete but we all did a really good job.


The Jolly Postman retold by 1A

We have started a new focus in our topic this week: the story of The Jolly Postman. We listened to the story and then made our own little picture book version of it to retell to our friends.


Library Time

Every Monday afternoon we go to our lovely library to relax and explore the books. We have time to enjoy the books then we choose a library book to take home and we have a story read to us. It’s a very special time in our week.




1A’s Super Classroom

We have been working hard to make our classroom a lovely place to learn together and play together. We think it looks super!

A Super Start in 1A

The children in 1A have all settled in beautifully and are enjoying working and playing together. Our first topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ is proving to be a hit; the children particularly enjoyed re-telling the story of Red Riding Hood using the puppets they made.




On the Water and Under the Water

This week we tested the rafts we have made for homework to see if they can carry a Cadburys Creme Egg across 20cm of water. Our rafts have sails and we each had to move our raft across the water by blowing on the sail. We weren’t allowed to push the raft with our hands because that wouldn’t have been fair. Our rafts all looked very different!

Before half term, Year 1 had a very exciting morning working with Mr Cordy to create an under the sea picture for their class. Our pictures are now finished and are on display on the staircase up to our classrooms. They are fantastic and we are so proud of them – come and take a look!

Directions Week at Lovell House

This week, our Maths lessons have been all about direction and on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had our Maths lesson with a different teacher! All the children in Key Stage 1 had one Maths lessons with Mrs Williams, one maths lesson with Mrs Baker, one with Mrs Roberts and one with Mrs Allan.

We learned about co-ordinates, position, movement in different directions, full, half and quarter turns and even went on a treasure hunt, using our directional skills to move from one clue to the next.

We played parachute games with Mrs Allan, swopping places across the parachute with the person opposite us, spinning the parachute left and right and making full, half and quarter turns with it. There were some tricky challenges to complete but we did it because we worked together as a 1A team.