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Learning About The Queen

This week in 1A, we have enjoyed learning about Queen Elizabeth II.

We have learnt some facts about her, which we typed on the computers, then we painted a portrait of her.  We combined this work, to make a super piece of artwork.

We also wrote letters to The Queen, which we are going to post to her.  What would you like to find out about The Queen?


Learning about London

We have had a lovely week welcoming the children back into school and we have been excited to start our new topic of LONDON!

We have spent some time this week discussing what we already know about London and what we would like to find out over the next term.  We have also created some fabulous artwork of London Landmarks, which will soon be on display.

If your child has any books relating to London, at home, please feel free to send them in, where we would love to share them.


It’s time to PARTY!

Today was most exciting in the Infant School, as it was our party day!  We had lots of little treats all day, and Mel, our chef, provided us with the yummiest of party foods! We pulled crackers, got some stickers, shared a few ‘cracker jokes’ and of course, wore the customary Christmas hats! What fun!

In the afternoon, Reception and Year 1, all went to the hall for some party games and a bit of a dance.  We certainly had some impressive moves!  It was tough for the teachers to decide which children were out, as everyone was SO good!

After play, the children thought they could relax and have a bit of down time, but this was abruptly ended by a very special visit from a very special man!  The children were MOST excited when they heard familiar sounding bells, and Father Christmas himself came in for a visit!  He was very kind and gave the children a gift each… he also reminded them to be good, in preparation for his Christmas Eve visit!


EWE were all AMAZING!

This week was SHOW TIME and 1A certainly did themselves proud!  We hope that you enjoyed our production of ‘Hey Ewe’, as much as we enjoyed performing it to you.  1A had a lot of fun dressing up as sheep, creating a dance and of course singing along to the catchiest of tunes.  I’m sure that these songs will continue to be sung at home in the following weeks to come!  A HUGE ‘WELL DONE’ to all of our KS1 performers.

It’s almost SHOWTIME!

This week in 1A, we have been VERY busy perfecting our moves and singing our very best, ready for our play next week!  We are really excited that it’s almost ‘Show Time’, and can’t wait for you to see our Key Stage One performance of ‘Hey Ewe!’.  We think that you’ll thoroughly enjoy it, and will soon find yourselves singing along to the catchy tunes!  We hope you can make it!!

No pictures of the children this week… we don’t want to spoil anything for you!




Bestwood Country Park

On Tuesday, Year 1 had the most exciting day, as we all visited Bestwood Country Park!  Despite the very real risk of a rainy day, we all put on our waterproof clothes and adventured out into the woodlands!  It was great fun!  Throughout the day, we were lucky enough to take part in lots of activities, some of which included: delivering letters, making smelly potions (and sniffing our friends potions!), making homes for furry animals, playing ‘Grandmother’s Footsteps’, making leaf crowns and listening to the story ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.  It was such a busy, but super fun day and we have enjoyed talking about, and writing about, our trip, upon our return to school.  Please enjoy our picture slideshow, so you can share in with the fun of the day!


Year 1 at Bestwood Country Park! on PhotoPeach

The Paper Dolls

‘There was once a girl who had tiger slippers and a ceiling with stars on it…‘  Welcome to the start of our new focus text ‘The Paper Dolls’, by Julia Donaldson.

This week, 1A have started reading this lovely story and have made our very own paper dolls.  We have ordered some pictures, to help us follow the instructions and are looking forward to writing our own set of instructions next week.  The paper dolls in the story are called ‘Ticky and Tacky and Jackie the Backie and Jim with two noses and Jo with the bow’.  We have noticed that the names of the dolls rhyme.  Can you spot the rhyming words?  What would you call your paper dolls, if you made some?


ariyan-etc rayan-etc sample-of-paper-dolls sophie-etc


Let’s measure!

This week in maths, we have been learning about measuring.  We have been exploring length and width and have been measuring, using non-standard units, particularly our hand-spans and our strides.  We have been discussing why measurements might not be the same as our friends if we use our bodies, and have discovered how varying in size we all are!  We did decide though that measuring is very important and one of the children mentioned that it would be tricky to get the right size shoes if we didn’t know how long or wide our feet are!  We used our strides to measure larger areas, such as the playground, and our hand spans for smaller areas, such as the table.  We wonder if you could use your hands and feet to measure things around your own house?


koji michael rayan sophie

The Jolly Postman!

Welcome back to 1A after what was hopefully, a restful half term. The children have come back into school keen and eager to learn and it has been lovely to see them all and catch up on their ‘News’.

We have started our new topic this week, entitled ‘Pictures and Words’, and have been busy exploring our new key text of ‘The Jolly Postman’. We have had a lot of fun reading and retelling the story, and we have created our own little picture diaries, which we have used for prompts, when talking.

On Thursday, we had great fun using the iPads to video our partners, whilst they ‘read’ their very own Jolly Postman Diary. We were specifically looking for the following things: Using a loud, clear voice; speaking in the first person (I, my); using time connectives (first, next, after that); and checking that our spoken sentences made sense.


ellie-michael-hamza isabella-and-sam koji-and-ariyan orson-and-alex sophie-and-rayan

Storytelling Fun!

This week, Year One, were REALLY lucky, as we had a fabulous storytelling visitor come in and work with us all!  Beck (Rebecca McGlone) came into school and we spent the morning retelling Jack and the Beanstalk, through acting, dancing, prop-creating and shadow puppet making!  Please enjoy this little slideshow, for a snippet into our exciting morning!


Jack and the Beanstalk on PhotoPeach