A Super Start in 1A

The children in 1A have all settled in beautifully and are enjoying working and playing together. Our first topic ‘Once Upon a Time’ is proving to be a hit; the children particularly enjoyed re-telling the story of Red Riding Hood using the puppets they made.




On the Water and Under the Water

This week we tested the rafts we have made for homework to see if they can carry a Cadburys Creme Egg across 20cm of water. Our rafts have sails and we each had to move our raft across the water by blowing on the sail. We weren’t allowed to push the raft with our hands because that wouldn’t have been fair. Our rafts all looked very different!

Before half term, Year 1 had a very exciting morning working with Mr Cordy to create an under the sea picture for their class. Our pictures are now finished and are on display on the staircase up to our classrooms. They are fantastic and we are so proud of them – come and take a look!

Directions Week at Lovell House

This week, our Maths lessons have been all about direction and on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we had our Maths lesson with a different teacher! All the children in Key Stage 1 had one Maths lessons with Mrs Williams, one maths lesson with Mrs Baker, one with Mrs Roberts and one with Mrs Allan.

We learned about co-ordinates, position, movement in different directions, full, half and quarter turns and even went on a treasure hunt, using our directional skills to move from one clue to the next.

We played parachute games with Mrs Allan, swopping places across the parachute with the person opposite us, spinning the parachute left and right and making full, half and quarter turns with it. There were some tricky challenges to complete but we did it because we worked together as a 1A team.









Our First Sewing Afternoon

As part of our Art, Design and Technology lessons, we have been given the challenge of designing and sewing a fish with an eye made from a metal washer.

We have made undersea world boxes for our fish to go in and we are going to use a magnet fishing rod to catch our fish. Our fishy designs are completed and this week we have been practising our sewing skills ready to begin making our fish. Lots of mummies, one older sister and one granny came into school to help us with our stitching practice.

We had a lovely sewing afternoon and are looking forward to making our fish.


Lego, Lego and More Lego!

Our Lego building day was brilliant. The hall at Lovell House started off looking like this …

… and then we got to work!

By the end of the day, Lovell Hall looked like this; we worked together to create an entire Lego city.

What a transformation!


How Much Push?

In our Science lessons this week we have been learning more about forces. We predicted that the harder you push a toy car, the further it travels. Mrs Allan and Mrs Tyrrell pretended they were aliens and didn’t believe us, so we had to prove that it was true. It was very tricky to test our cars in a fair way and record what we found out, but we managed it.

Mrs Allan says we are super scientists!

An Exciting End to an Exciting Term

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Spring is Here

We have been learning about The Seasons of the Year in our maths lessons and made special plates to show which months of the year make up the different seasons. We’re very pleased that Spring is here and Summer is on the way.



Look at the amazing houses we made to show what happened during The Great Fire of London!


Lovell Tate Art Gallery

Here are all our finished London landmark pictures displayed in our very own Lovell Tate Art Gallery.

London Landmarks

This week in 1A we have used charcoal and oil pastels to draw famous London landmarks. We are very proud of our amazing art work.